Our product is the right idea, designed beautifully and applied to any media.

While our core team is solid, we don’t make believe that the perfect crew for your project just happens to be sitting here waiting for you. We know people. People we’ve worked with for years, who create award-winning work at the drop of a hat. Our hat.

A Phantom team becomes an agile adjunct to yours – from research and conceptual roughs, preproduction and video, to post-production, photography and digital implementation, we’re there at the moment you need us, at the perfect size and with the perfect skillsets.

Creative Concepts:

From concept development and pencil roughs (yes, pencil roughs) to art direction, copywriting, layouts and final digital preparation. As much or as little as required.

Brochures and Collateral:

Inclusive of concept development, art direction, copywriting, layouts and digital preparation.


Beginning with conceptual storyboards and continuing through scripts, on-site supervision and direction as well as casting, wardrobe, props, studio edits and post-production.


From dimensional renderings to initial designs, structure sourcing and communication elements to photography and large-format file preparation.


From photographers and photo assistants, location scouting and procurement, to casting, wardrobe, art direction, props and equipment as well as edits and retouching.

Social Media

From program and content development to media recommendations, placements and maintenance.


Inclusive of concept development, initial roughs, art direction, copywriting, layouts and three-dimensional comps as well as final print preparation.

Digital Creative

Inclusive of initial concepts as rough designs, animated layouts, animated web ads, websites and unique stand-alone landing pages.