Virtually Everything

Phantom is virtual marketing.

The creative director is your point of contact. Limit the resources to exactly what you require and come away with superior creative approaches and flawless execution. Simple, sweet.


We don’t make believe that the perfect crew for your project just happens to be sitting around waiting for you.

Reflex, reaction, response.
You stop and acknowledge something because of its unique context. The ultimate win is to be remembered after the next click, the next turned page or the next mile down the road.

Packaging is the ground zero of marketing.
The product personified. Make it speak. Make it resonate. Make it something that belongs to the buyer before they know they need it.

Great imagery happens.
Prepare for every situation, but remember – the most creative and beautiful solutions often catch you by surprise.

Proper channels aren’t always proper. Phantom takes the projects that keep you up at night. That big idea that you need to visualize, that project that never happens, the one you know would be killer if you could just get to it.

Welcome to better, more effective creative services that are all about you.

Scenic photos by Josh Jevons; Lenco and SBU swimmer photos by Mark McCarty